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We provide grants to the Greater Cincinnati Area to support educational programs and activities for young students interested in science and engineering associated with a nonprofit. We strive to provide assistance so they may better understand the field of science and engineering. Not eligible are sectarian, political, fraternal, labor or commercial organizations.

The Engineers and Scientists Foundation of Cincinnati, ESFC, was established in 1983 as a Section 501 (c) (3) non profit organization so donations from ESC (Engineers and Scientists of Cincinnati) would be tax deductible. Our administrative cost is less than percent of revenues.

ESC, 1888-2007, was one of the oldest professional groups in Greater Cincinnati and the oldest technically-oriented organization. Over its 119 year history one of the primary roles of ESC was to serve as an umbrella organization for the local chapters of the many technical organizations in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. The group flourished and with a large membership of over 1,000 professionals, worked to foster a technical education among the youth.

Having served the community well, the organization dissolved in 2007, primarily because specialties groups had developed within specific categories of science, and no longer was there a need for an umbrella organization.

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