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 The Hieronymus Hoax: 9.5 Meg, PDF
"Radionics, the Miraculous Pathoclast, and Deception"

 How Time Balls Worked 3.6 Meg, PDF
 Featuring The Cincinnati Observatory

Quick, Who Invented the Reaper? 700K, PDF

Why Headstones Are Arranged In Circles
42 K, PDF

How to Cause a Better 9-1-1 Response

Why a Dead Alkaline Battery Bounces

World's Largest Water Pumping Steam Engines
2.4 Meg, PDF

 Made In Ohio Steam Powered Machinery 
9.7 Meg, PDF

 Big Iron Museums USA  2 Meg, PDF

 The First Cable Suspension Bridge Built in Ohio
 1.6 Meg, PDF

  There's a Limelight Mystery Afoot! 2.6 Meg, PDF
 "Solving the mystery photograph"

  Sharpen My Own Tools? Sure! 8 Meg, PDF
 From The Ship Shape Sharp Shop, by Ersal Kindelv

 Obed Hussey and His Ohio Test of the
 First Successful Reaper
40 Meg, PDF

 Lightning Safety Guidelines - Event Safety Plan 80 Kb, PDF


Chime Design & Build





Biomass Briquetting Designs

How Aircraft Nuclear
Propulsion Worked

Hello & Welcome: we provide open source designs for biomass applications and chimes. Biomass designs include Presses, Briquette Molds, a Chopper, a Grinder, a Rotatable Composter, a Banana Plant Waste Research Report & more. Designs include parts list, notes, drawings & assembly instructions.

About me: I am a retired electronics engineer with a passion for investigating technical issues, occasionally surrounded with mystery and  often bridging several fields of technology.

Also available: Wauseon High School Class of 1960 and Pike Township School

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