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Last  First Married City State Comments
 Andrews Violet Gerig Gridley IL  
 Armstrong Sharon  Frey Archbold OH  
 Badenhop  Joyce Meyer Napoleon OH  
 Beaverson Barry       Deceased 05-30-1979
 Biddle Janis Osterhout Lima OH Deceased
 Bishop Janice  Riegsecker Wauseon OH  
 Bockelman Ruthann  Paxson Wauseon OH  
 Boydston Barbara Dundas Karen Kenya  
 Boyers  DeAlton   Wauseon OH Deceased 03-16-2019
 Buehrer   Cecil   Wauseon OH  
 Buehrer  Jane  Smith Wauseon OH Deceased
 Burkholder Cherie  Schenck Wauseon OH Deceased
 Carter Jim   Wauseon   Deceased
 Cole Jerry   Huntington WV  
 Cole Judy Schumaker Wauseon OH  
 Crew Carl       Deceased 12-07-1998
 Dawson Dixie Henricks Archbold OH  
 Dickman Marilyn  Gee Wauseon   Deceased 08-16-2021
 Dickerson Joan Blank Cridersville    
 Dishop Dick   Bowling Green OH  
 Dominique Sandra Johanns   OH Deceased 08-02-2009
 Driver Barbara Ross Ft. Wayne IN  
 Dyer Dee Anne Fetter Wauseon OH  
 Emery Robert   Houston TX Deceased 12-24-2021
 England  Sharon       Deceased 12-18-2002
 Ernst Larry   Columbus OH  
 Fausey Howard   Wauseon OH  
 Flory   Lawrence   Wauseon OH Deceased
 Fouty  Sue       Deceased 09-16-1966
 Frazier Barton   Wauseon OH Deceased 04-22-2018
 Free Judy McDermott Wauseon OH  
 Fritsch Barbara Pitman Whitehouse OH Deceased
 Gamber James   Wauseon OH  
 Gasche Connie Hallott Hilton Head Island SC   
 George Hal   Rocky River OH Class President
 Gerlach  Dave   Corpus Christi TX  
 Gilliatt Carol  Frazier     Deceased 11-03-2002
 Griggs Jill Daoust Glendale AZ  
 Hauzer  Ted     OH Deceased 11-04-2012
 Hess Loren     OH Deceased 03-26-2006
 Hite Leland   Maineville OH  
 Hollister  Hilon   Wauseon OH  Deceased
 Huva David     MI Deceased 07-24-2010
 Jacobs  Jim     Hawaii Deceased  early Jan/2023
 Juarez Joe       Deceased 07-15-2004
 Kinder Carol Wenner   FL Deceased 03-30-015
 Koch   Nancy Stallard Wauseon OH   
 Kolb Joseph   Wauseon OH  
 Lamb Peggy Grimm Delta OH  
 Lammon Karen Moden Wauseon OH  
 LeGrow Kent   Columbus OH  
 Lenfestey Beth Hall Gaylord MI  
 Leymaster Karen Frazier Wauseon OH   
 Lillich Terry     OH Deceased 04-06-2013
 Mahnke Ron   Miamisburg OH  
 McCarthy John   Waterford MI Deceased
 McDermott  Lyle   Ft. Wayne IN  
 McDermott  Lynn   Carmi IL  
 McGlamery James   Elyria OH  
 McKeever Sharon Finney Wauseon OH  
 Merillat Louise  Thompson LasVegas NV  
 Metzger  Gary   Toledo OH Deceased
Week of Sept. 15, 2021
 Mohr Karen Shelt Toledo OH Deceased  12-03-2020
 Mulberry Sandra   Keiderling Columbus OH Deceased
 Nafziger Suzanne Schrock Pettisville OH  
 Nagel Roger   Wauseon OH  
 Neis Lenore Krohn Temperance MI  
 Neuenschwander Janet Crew-Isaksen Wauseon OH  
 Palmer  Sharren  Drewyore   OH Deceased 11-13-2009
 Pees  Randy     OH Deceased 2007
 Pennington Eugene   Troy MI  
 Peotter Jim     CO Deceased 02-21-2010
 Poorman Terry       Deceased 1996
 Ramirez  Manuel   ? ?  
 Rashley  Paul   Wauseon OH  
 Richer Aldine Holsopple Wauseon OH  
 Richer Leonard   Wauseon OH  
 Richer  Karen  Poe Wauseon   Deceased 2-25-2005
 Robinson Mary Sue Lederer   CO Deceased 07-24-2005
 Rogers Carol Rier Clark Lake MI  
 Rupp Gary   Ann Arbor MI  
 Rupp  Kenny       Deceased 08-12-69
 Sauder Jim   Wauseon OH  
 Saunders Edwin   London TN  
 Schaechterle Dale   Holland OH  
 Schaffner Connie Thourot Wauseon OH  
 Segrist Fred   Lincoln Park MI Deceased
 Shock Marilyn Kagels   OH Deceased
 Short Carolyn   Wauseon OH  
 Shull Barbara  Martell   AL  Deceased 06-24-2010
 Smith Robert Donna Ottawa KA  
 Snyder  Jerry       Deceased 06-23-96
 Spiess Carol Williams Toledo OH  
 Spiess  Brad   Bryan OH  
 Stoops Brenda Galbraith Rathdrum ID  
 Stratton  Carolyn  Phillips Bryan OH Deceased
 Strole Mary  Shenfield Ft Wayne IN  
 Suckley Michael   Fenton MI  
 Thoman Patricia Jimenez Clark Lake MI  
 Thourot  Donald   Wauseon OH  
 Thrasher  Kathy  Zakorczeny   OH Deceased 04-04-2009
 Tompkins Leslie       Deceased 1981
 Turnbull Don   Toledo MN  
 Warncke Joyce Darcy Wauseon OH  
 Weber Marilyn  Johnson Archbold OH  
 Wesche Elaine Stamm Issaquah WA  
 Whitcomb  Joyce   ? ? Deceased
 Williamson  John       Deceased 01-01-91
 Wyse Douglas   The Villages FL  
 Zehr Jim   Statesville NC  
 Zumfelde Lawrence       Deceased 08-23-96

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