You know you're from Wauseon if . . . ?

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  • if you know which finger was missing for the shop teacher, Mr. McFarland. Answer
  • if you had Mr. Leatherman as a math teacher.
  • if you know who lit gun powder on the windowsill of the hardware store at lunch break in 1958? Then, as luck would have it, the large cloud of smoke wafted into the street blanketing the passing Wauseon Police Car.  Answer
  • if you recall the location for the sawmill in Ottokkee and how it was powered. Answer
  • if you know why the high school clock stopped on Saturday, March 19, 1960 at 3:32 p.m. Answer
  • if you know who blew up the Court House cannon? Answer
  • If you recall the location for the RR gate-crossing shack when the crossing gates were hand powered? Answer
  • if you know who stole all the clothes for the boys who were swimming at the turnpike pond, and they had to return to school naked. Who would do that? Answer
  • if you know who was all hyper when she had to leave school because she was "having a baby". . .a baby lamb that is; for her 4-H project? Later on, at the Franklin County Fair,  her lamb took Grand Champion Showmanship and she sold the lamb at market, and bought a sheep skin lined winter coat!!!  Answer
  • if some honks their horn, you think it is for yourself!  Why 
  • if you went where for a cherry coke after school? Location



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