Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Program, NEPA and GE-ANP for Atomic Flight, Unofficial Archives

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 All documents on this website have been officially released in writing
to the public domain by GE Legal and the Department of Energy.

  ANP Comprehensive Technical Report  Series  

APEX-901: Summary And References 56 MB, PDF
APEX-906: HTRE-3 113 MB, PDF
APEX-907: XMA-1 92 MB, PDF
APEX-908 Part B / N J 1 4 0 E Nuclear Turbojet 23 MB, PDF
APEX-908 Part C / N J 1 4 0 E Nuclear Turbojet  25 MB, PDF
APEX-910: Application Studies 17 MB, PDF
APEX-913: Metallic Fuel Elements  87 MB, PDF
APEX-918: Reactor and Shield Physics 85 MB, PDF
APEX-919: Aerothermodynamics  44 MB, PDF

APEX-411 Irradiation Testing of Organic Liquids 
By: G. W. POMEROY and V. P. CALKINS, 8.2 MB, PDF
This report summarizes the results of irradiation tests of organic materials conducted in the HB-2 facility of the LITR and in the electron beam of the GE-ANPD 2-Mev Van de Graaff accelerator. Several organic liquids capable of withstanding temperatures up to 6500F have been tested, and descriptions of the tests and typical data are presented.

  Other ANP Documents  

Giving Wings To The Atom  900 KB, PDF

By General Electric Co.

Chronological history of NEPA and GE-ANP Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Program, 1946-1961


Nuclear Propulsion for Aircraft  3.4 MB, PDF

By Gunnar Thornton & Ben Blumberg,
General Electric Co., January, 1961

Technical achievements of the direct cycle program

GE-ANP Good Fallout from the ANP Program 
145 KB, PDF


NX-2 ANP (Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion), 1951-1961, Convair Nuclear Propulsion Jet 
44 MB, PDF

By David M. Carpenter, General Electric Co

GE X211/J87 Nuclear Powered jet Engine
Secret Project WS-125

Since the book is now free of charge the author asks that you consider making a donation to the Salvation Army. Thank You!

Radiation Effects Symposium (from Vol 5 of 6,  Lubricants and Plastics Papers)  8.8 MB, PDF

In Atlanta, Georgia, 1958 

Atomic Power and its Implications for Aircraft Propulsion
 5.8 MB, PDF

By Lawrence R. Hafstad,  US AEC, July 22, 1949

Report to Congress, Review of Manned Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Program AEC and DOD  12.8 MB, PDF

By the Comptroller General of the United States, 1963

Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, Test Area North, Hangar 629   2 MB, PDF

Photographs, written history and descriptive data

By Historic American Engineering Record, National Parks Service


When Nuclear Power Was Flying High  3.8 MB, PDF

By Bill Lee, April 2012

Nuclear Powered Aircraft by Convair Div General Dynamics Corp  3.6 MB, PDF

By J. F. Brady, Convair Div.
General Dynamics Corp. 1956

Dreams of Nuclear Flight 1.6 MB, PDF

By Jesse Stoffel, NEEP 602, University of Wisconsin - Madison, May 10, 2000

The NEPA and ANP Programs

The Triumph of Political Gravity Over Nuclear Flight 10.1 MB, PDF

By: Charles Wilson, Secretary of Defense

If everything had worked out perfectly, it still would have been a bum airplane.

A Critical Review of Source Terms for Selected Engine Test Associated with the Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Program at INEL   5.4 MB, PDF

By U. Hans Behling John Mauro, S C& A, Inc. July, 2005



Many documents from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, ORNL Repository for the  Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion reactor efforts are available here.

ANP personnel listing, 1952
3.5 MB,  PDF

Nuclear Power Materials  42 MB, PDF

By General Electric Co.

Progress is paced by materials technology.

The Decay of the Atomic Powered Aircraft Program
235 KB,  PDF

A Sufficiency by Brian D. Bikowicz

GE-ANP, Song / Poem - Cincinnati, Ohio
144 KB, PDF

30% Efficient ― You or Nuclear? 
42 KB, PDF 

By Lee Hite

Are you more efficient at converting food into useful energy compared to the efficiency of a nuclear power plant converting nuclear fuel into useful energy?

SEE Those Magnificent Men and their Atomic Machines Blog

A fascinating blog by Mark detailing some our extensive history using nuclear power in the sky.

Atomic Energy Merit Badge, Explorer Post 303  12.1 MB, PDF

When GE started this program in 1958, they expected about 200 students to sign-up for the Explorer Program from the Greater Cincinnati area. See page 20, over 800 students arrived for the initial sign-up.

See the current
GE Engineering Explorer Post 303

NSP Test Equipment Engineering Capability  17.1 MB, PDF


ANP POPSEE Recap 1951-1991             6.8 MB, PDF

A brief ANP program review.

Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion by M. C. Leverett, ANP Project, General Electric Company, January 1952, 5 MB, PDF

HTRE-3 ANP reactor fuel cartridge, Photos by Lee Hite

Fuel Cartridge  HTRE-2
Below is a fuel cartridge for the HTRE-2 reactor core. Each cartridge consisted of many sub inserts of U235stacked together. Compressor air flowed thru the multi concentric ring arrangement, picking up heat energy from the reactor process.

Former ANP employee George Pomeroy provided declassified archives,
and historian Lee Hite em@il of Cincinnati, Ohio, provided the website.